Saikyou Onmyouji no Isekai Tenseiki


⏩ TV  📹 - Eps. 🕐 - min  📅 Jan 8, 2023

Alternative Titles:
English: The Reincarnation of the Strongest Exorcist in Another World
Japanese: 最強陰陽師の異世界転生記

Haruyoshi, the strongest onmyoji was on the verge of death after the betrayal of his companions. Hoping to be happy in the next life, he tried the secret technique of reincarnation and was sent to a different world! Born into a family of magicians, the magic he failed to inherit was nothing compared to his previous skills as an onmyoji. “Who needs magic? I’ll survive in this world with my old techniques!”


Type: Anime series
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural
Season: Winter 2023
Status: Currently Airing
Language: Japanese
Broadcast: Saturdays at 23:30 (JST)
Studio: Studio Blanc
Producers: Asmik Ace

Seika Lamprogue (CV: Yumiri Hanamori)
Efa (CV: Azumi Waki)
Amu (CV: Nene Hieda)
Haruyoshi Kuga (CV: Yuuichirou Umehara)

Original Story: Kosuzu Kiichi
Original Character Design: Sisoe
Chief Director: Nobuyoshi Nagayama
Director: Ryousuke Shibuya

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