Arknights: Fuyukomori Kaerimichi


⏩ TV  📹 8 Eps. 🕐 - min  📅 Oct 7, 2023

Alternative Titles:
English: Arknights: PERISH IN FROST
Japanese: アークナイツ 冬隠帰路

Oripathy, an incurable disease that slowly crystallizes the bodies of those infected until their deaths.

Rhodes Island is a pharmaceutical company that endeavors to find a cure and solve the problems that follow in the disease's wake, and in an attempt to put a stop to the revolt of the terrorist organization known as Reunion Movement whose ultimate goal is the salvation of the Infected, Rhodes Island has formed a contract with the Yanese city of Lungmen and continues its mission there.

However, Amiya has found herself despondent since their battle against Skullshatterer, unable to accept the fact they were unable to save Misha.

In the meantime, Rhodes Island deploys a reconnaissance squad to an abandoned city discovered in the Lungmen countryside. There, the squad notices a strange phenomenon unfolding before them…


Type: Anime series
Genre: Action, Fantasy
Season: Fall 2023
Status: Not yet aired
Language: Japanese
Broadcast: Saturdays at 01:23 (JST)
Studio: Yostar Pictures
Producers: Hypergryph, Yostar

Ch'en (CV: Shizuka Ishigami)
Amiya (CV: Tomoyo Kurosawa)
Kal'tsit (CV: Youko Hikasa)
Doctor (CV: Yuki Kaida)
FrostNova (CV: Ayahi Takagaki)
Hoshiguma (CV: Kiyono Yasuno)
Swire (CV: Sora Tokui)
Blaze (CV: Mai Nakahara)
Jessica (CV: Ryou Hirohashi)
GreyThroat (CV: Misato Fukuen)
W (CV: Ayana Taketatsu)
Yenwu Wei (CV: Kouichi Yamadera)
Faust (CV: Shun Horie)
Talulah (CV: Maaya Sakamoto)
Meteorite (CV: Risa Taneda)
Frostleaf (CV: Ai Kakuma)
Patriot (CV: Banjou Ginga)
Yühsia Lin (CV: Kanae Itou)
Projekt Red (CV: Ami Koshimizu)
Crownslayer (CV: Sayaka Senbongi)
Mephisto (CV: Kouhei Amasaki)
Fumizuki Wei (CV: Noriko Hidaka)
Nine (CV: Umeka Shouji)

Original Creator: Hypergryph
Original Character Design: Yui@W
Director: Yuuki Watanabe
Assistant Director: Shintarou Douge


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