Bokura no Ameiro Protocol


⏩ TV  📹 - Eps. 🕐 - min  📅 Oct 8, 2023

Alternative Titles:
English: Protocol: Rain
Japanese: 僕らの雨いろプロトコル

The story centers on Shun Tokinoya, a second-year high school living with his mother and younger sister. After his father's death in an accident and his sister's injury, he quit the game he was passionate about, and now works at an esports café called "FOX ONE." He spends all his time studying and working part-time while hanging out with his childhood gaming friends. Suddenly, he learns that "FOX ONE" has a huge amount of debts. In order to repay the debts, Shun and his friends aim to win the "Xaxerion Championship" and win the prize money. With a sense of guilt, Shun jumps back into the world of online games, and is confronted by Bakuretsu-kun, who used to play the game with him.


Type: Anime series
Genre: Drama
Season: Fall 2023
Status: Not yet aired
Language: Japanese
Broadcast: Sundays at 01:30 (JST)
Studio: Quad
Producers: NA

Shun Tokinoya (CV: Kenshou Ono)
Yuu Saegusa (CV: Sora Amamiya)
Nozomi Inatsuki (CV: Inori Minase)
Mio Tokinoya (CV: Momo Asakura)
Akito Sendou (CV: Ryouhei Kimura)
Ryuusei Nagamine (CV: Tomokazu Sugita)
Mutsuki Naitou (CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka)
Seshiru Satou (CV: Kaede Hondo)
Emiko Takanashi (CV: Azumi Waki)

Original Creator: Team KITSUNE
Original Story: Kotsu Kotsu
Original Character Design: booota
Chief Director: Yasutaka Yamamoto


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