Ishura Anime

⏩ TV  📹 12 Eps. 🕐 24 min  📅 Jan 3, 2024

Alternative Titles:
English: Ishura
Japanese: 異修羅

In a world where the Demon King has died, a host of demigods capable of felling him have inherited the world: a master fencer who can figure out how to take out their opponent with a single glance; a lancer so swift they can break the sound barrier; a wyvern rogue who fights with three legendary weapons at once; an all-powerful wizard who can speak thoughts into being; and an angelic assassin who deals instant death. Eager to attain the title of “One True Hero,” these champions each pursue challenges against formidable foes and spark conflicts themselves. The battle to determine the mightiest of the mighty begins.


Type: Anime series
Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy
Season: Winter 2024
Status: Currently Airing
Language: Japanese
Studio: Passione
Producers: KADOKAWA

Soujirou Yagyuu (CV: Yuuki Kaji)
Yuno (CV: Reina Ueda)
Ars Hoshihase (CV: Jun Fukuyama)
Seijaku Hargend (CV: Akio Ootsuka)
Nihilo (CV: Rie Takahashi)
Taren (CV: Romi Park)
Elea (CV: Mamiko Noto)
Dakai (CV: Souichirou Hoshi)
Kia (CV: Aoi Yuuki)
Shalk (CV: Kouichi Yamadera)
Curte (CV: Sora Amamiya)
Regnejee (CV: Shoutarou Morikubo)
Jelki (CV: Takehito Koyasu)
Hidow (CV: Nobuhiko Okamoto)
Lana (CV: Yumiri Hanamori)
Umitaru Higuare (CV: Tomokazu Sugita)
Kuze (CV: Shinichirou Miki)
Nastique (CV: Yui Horie)

Original Story: Keiso
Original Character Design: Kureta
Chief Director: Takeo Takahashi
Director : Yuuki Ogawa


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